Rules and Expectations


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  • Students will be placed in a class suitable for their age, however in special circumstances dance experience may overrule age.  We reserve the right to change, cancel or combine a class as deemed necessary.  Notification will be given before doing so.

  • SJDA uniform to be worn in class at all times.

  • Students should bring water with them to avoid dehydration particularly when the weather is warm.

  • No Jewellery to be worn in class.

  • Mobile phones are not to be used during the lesson.

  • Respect your fellow students and each other’s property.

  • Support and help your fellow students as part of the SJDA team.

  • SJDA has a strict anti-bullying policy and we reserve the right to suspend any student as unsociable and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.  

  • Students are expected to leave the hall tidy for the next class

  • Parents/siblings/friends are not encouraged to observe class as it is a distraction.



  • Regular class attendance is vitally important to enhance the students’ technique, performance and overall learning

  • Students are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class to prepare and warm up. Lateness disrupts the class and impedes warm up.

  • Students that are going to be late or unable to attend a class MUST inform Miss Sammi either by phone, text or email in plenty of time to accommodate changes to the lessons.

  • TO CONTACT MISS SAMMI:  phone/text: 07792273576  email: 



  • Fees are payable in advance and are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Fees must be paid IN FULL WITHIN 14 DAYS OF DATE ISSUED.  The 10% early payment discount is automatically removed after the payment due date. 

  • A Student Enrolment Form must be completed by a Parent/Guardian agreeing to the rules of the school and payment terms prior to the student being accepted.

  • A Data Protection and Media Release Form must also be completed by a Parent/Guardian .

  • It is important that Parent/Guardian contact details and student details, medical/allergy records be kept up to date, any changes must be reported immediately to SJDA to update our records. 



  •  Students will be given one month grace period after which they will be required to purchase SJDA uniform.

  • Uniform can be ordered from webpage follow this link.  Payment required in advance please.

  • All student’s dancewear to be labelled, including shoes, with student’s name. 



  • Leotard, pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes and socks (Girls).

  • White vest, black leggings, white socks, black ballet shoes (Boys). 


  • SJDA T shirt/crop top, black leggings/shorts, SJDA Hoodie, black jazz and tap shoes.



  • Hair to be tied up and out of face at all times and strictly no jewellery for health and safety reasons.



November 2021