Junior/Inter/Senior Stage

This class is offered for Juniors ages 8-10 and age 11-13 for Inters, age 14+ for Seniors.  These classes are for those students who are passionate about dance and want to take their commitment to a competitive level.  Stage is an open class of styles including theatrical work.  In the JUNIOR class we offer STRETCH conditioning at the appropriate level for 8 - 10 year olds.  We have performed at many venues such as Disneyland Paris, Alton Towers and other opportunities through our competition teams.


This class is conducted by Miss Sammi and assisted by Student Teachers.  We enter into competitions in Wales and Birmingham through ABD where the Stage classes are an introduction to these experiences.  We compete in solo, duet, trio and troupe categories offering different styles of dance along with singing and acting performances.  We stress the commitment and level of hard work it takes to participate in this class and experiences as it is very demanding.  If you are passionate about dance and want to take further steps into the industry then this is the class for you.