This class is for students aged 3 - 5.  The focus is to explore a variety of styles of dance through play and song before moving up to our higher-level classes which explore technique in further detail.  Our Minis focus mainly on routines and show performances. 


This class is conducted by Miss Sammi and assisted by Student Teachers.  The styles of dance we cover are Modern, Tap, Acro and Ballet.  During our Mini class the children will learn basic dance steps whilst having fun and learning through game and visual imagination.  We work on imaginative exercises as this will help later in, not only dance and performing, but in everyday life.  It also helps creativity and stimulates their minds bringing out their confidence.  Minis perform in our annual show and they absolutely love getting dressed up and performing for all their friends and family. I believe at this stage it is more important to create a fun and vibrant environment and introduce exam work at the next stage.