Covid-19 Guidelines


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In order for SJDA to open and operate safely the following rules and guidelines must be adhered to by each student and member.  

Following recent Government advice, dance schools can re-open following strict procedures and guidelines. All students will be placed in class bubbles and will not mix with other classes until further notice. Exceptions will be made for Student Teachers who are assisting with younger students and other teaching staff or admin.


The following steps have been put into place to ensure the safety of each student and member of staff:

  • We will be operating a one way entry system through the fire door and exit will be made by the toilets through the green gate on the playground.

  • Students are to line up at the entrance before class starts where they will have their temperature taken by a laser thermometer so no contact will be made.   Should a student show any sign of a temperature they will not be allowed to enter the hall and will be sent home immediately.

  • Teachers and student teachers will be wearing masks at drop off and pick up times and we ask parents to also wear masks during these times as well.

  • Students will then hand sanitize and take their shoes off at the door.

  • Markers will be placed around the sides of the hall 1m apart where the students can sit and place their belongings.  Please keep items to yourself and no sharing of food/drink etc.

  • Please note any food/drink brought in to the premises must be taken home and disposed of at home- please do not use the bins on site.

  • Dance shoes or socks must be worn at all times - no bare feet unless doing acro work and for this we will be using mats and cleaning the mats before and after each use.

  • Please note whilst we will abide by social distancing rules where possible there will be occasions when contact will need to be made between teacher and student i.e injuries, correct placement etc.

  • Students are restricted to the hall and toilets.  The water fountain is out of action so students must bring plenty of water.  You may leave to go to the shop or step outside to get some fresh air but hand sanitizing will be required before you enter the hall again.

  • The hall will be well ventilated at all times with windows and doors open, no fans are to be used. 

  • Between each class we will be cleaning, door handles and equipment etc ready for the next group whilst students warm up with a student teacher or if old enough by themselves. As we will now have a one way system in and out of classes students will not mix allowing us to cut out “cleaning breaks”.

  • There will be no markers placed in the middle of the room where the students will dance because this may cause a dancer to slip and due to the nature of the class dancing on the spot is not possible.

  • There will be plenty of hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves etc in place ready for our return you will not need to provide your own but please feel free to if you would prefer to do so.

  • I do not encourage students to wear face masks whilst dancing due to the restriction of oxygen however; you may wear them in between dances if you wish. I will not be wearing a face mask during classes, only if a first aid incident should occur in which case I will wear the required equipment.

  • Gloves are not to be worn during the class due to spread of germs that this can create.

  • If the student or any member of the student’s household is displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 please stay at home or if a student starts to display any symptoms whilst at dance they will be sent home immediately

  • Parents are not to enter the premises for classes (unless for a private lesson).  For the mini class we are asking one parent or family member to enter with each child to help settle them and change their shoes etc and then they will need to exit and wait outside. At the end of the Mini class parents will be allowed back in to collect their child and exit through the green gates.

A very surreal and unusual time for us all but these rules are in place with the student’s best interest at heart.  I would not even consider opening classes again if I did not believe it was safe to do so for us all and hope this policy will ease any worry you may have about your child returning to dance. If you do have any questions please contact me on 07792273576.



January 2021